USADA wins the Snails Race

Going for some low hanging fruit today, doping. We're beating that dead horse until it's glue. Coffee talk discussion gives me the chance to rank and you a chance to fire back with your 2 or 4 cents.

Finally Joe Papp was sentenced for 3 years’ probation, 6 months’ house arrest by the Federal Government and 8 years sanction by USADA. His list of customers was what got local pro cyclist, Chuck Coyle suspended for 2 years and it's been rumored that his lists holds nearly 180+ domestic cyclists names and the majority are not pros. Originally busted nearly 2 years ago, he was going to get a much worse sentence but "his sentencing was delayed while he cooperated with federal and U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) inquiries into his former customers and others."

[Commentary] Meanwhile many of his former customers may have moved on from cycling as they haven't yet been called up for a pro team. According to my watch, Chuck Coyle is one of a couple "customers" that have been busted. Given that it is possible that some riders have or will be moving on, how can USADA suspend someone who no longer participates?

On a positive note, USADA has been getting results
- Florida Master cyclist takes 2 year suspension
- Another Master cyclist busted

It is unknown if these riders were on Papp's list but it is possible that USADA had a reason to test them

So are you satisfied with how the Joe Papp story has played out?

It's different if someone like Lance Armstrong is found guilty of doping even though he no longer competes but if a cat 4 cyclist is on that list and 4 years later gets a suspension, to me that just seems, um embarrassing for all. Conspiracy theories can run wild on how this is playing out, like, why was a very visible Boulder cyclist one of the first riders to get busted for being on the list, no one else has been busted by that association, could USADA be trying to send a message to Boulder/Colorado riders? Never did USADA provide 303cycling with a aggregate number of Colorado riders on that list, could this strategy be due to Colorado having a high number on that list? Will USADA be setting up camp at some races they have access to this year in Colorado? Is it also possible that some lower ranking riders have been contacted by USADA but will not be publicly dealt with? In the end a lot could have taken place without the public even knowing.

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Dopers and conspiracy

Seriously, do you think USADA has a thing against Colorado? US Anit-doping Assoc is not only cycling, it is not USACycling pulling a vendetta on CO. Get over it.
Second, yes, every athlete who is found guilty of doping should absolutely be banned from ALL sports that USADA has authority over. Look at Vinokourov! He retired, so WADA saw no purpose in pursuing him, then all of a sudden he comes out of retirement. So yes, bust them all and make sure everyone knows about it.