Jake Wells Discusses Racing and his new Cyclocross Camp in Vail

Jake Wells of Vail, one of the top cyclocross racers in the country, is putting on a two-day cyclocross clinic in Vail on August 5-7 that will introduce beginner and intermediate riders to cyclocross and help refine techniques. Jake took some time to share some information with 303Cycling about his season, his business, and the upcoming clinic.

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[303cycling] It seems that you are having a good 2011 season. How do you feel this year is shaping up and how are you feeling as the fall cross season rapidly approaches?

Yes, my season has been going well so far. I’ve had a few changes this year with sponsors and I have changed my focus some for the season, which has been successful and ended in some good results.

I am approaching the cross season a little differently than in the past because the first part of the season is looking to be super competitive and nationals has moved back to the first week in January, but so far everything is going as planned. So, I am really looking forward to the start of the season.

[303cycling] What is your big race of the year?

Nationals is the biggest race of the year in the U.S. My goal is always to be on top form for that race. Also, the USGP in Ft. Collins and the Boulder Cup are also high priority for me. Although these are very high priorities, there is some racing that is a notch above Nationals in priority for me in 2011.
This year I am hoping to attend the Eurocross Camp in December. Those races will be the highest priority because of the level of competition and it’s a great opportunity that I want to experience the best I can.

[303cycling] Are you still doing carpentry as your day job?

Currently, I have all but stopped the carpentry work. I have taken an opportunity to pursue my passion for cycling and helping others achieve their goals. I have also had some sponsors step up, which has allowed me to focus more on my training and my personal goals on the bike.

[303cycling] When did you start SufferFest Sports Management and what is it?

I started SufferFest Sports (http://sufferfestsports.com/) back in April of 2011. We are a sports management company that specializes in helping cyclist reach their full potential on the bike by offering coaching, clinics, and seminars.

[303cycling] What does SufferFest Sports offer in addition to the Cyclocross Clinic?

SufferFest Sports offers individual online coaching with multiple structure levels that can be custom-fitted to suit their goals. We also offer group coaching for those with a team dynamic that are working toward a common goal. Additionally, for small groups we offer bike handling seminars and clinics.

[303cycling] Tell us a little about the camp. Who would it benefit and what is a typical day?

I teamed up with Beth Pappas from the Vail Rec District to come up with the Jake Wells Cyclocross Clinic. This is a very unique clinic because of the high level of instruction that each person will receive and the amazing setting in the shadows of the Gore Range at Golden Peak in Vail. We also have some great support from local businesses which helps to provide participants a great value!

[303cycling] What are the available options that you offer through Dogma Athletica? Coaching options?

The clinic is offered at 3 different levels:

  • Option A is the Core Clinic, which consists of a Friday evening meet and greet with a question and answer session at Yeti’s Grind, a local coffee shop, as well as beer and cyclocross videos to get everyone in a good frame of mind for the weekend. Saturday will be a full day of skills and technique drills with a bike tech session from Tom Hopper, one of the best mechanics in the business. We will provide snacks and lunch in addition to dinner at Bol in Vail Village. Sunday we will go over a more skills drills and then put it all together in a mock race setting. ($400)
  • Option B consists of Option A plus a professional bike fit at Dogma Athletica in Edwards. ($500)
  • Option C consists of Option B plus physiological testing to determine your Functional Threshold and VO2 Max and a 12-week coaching program to guarantee that you start your cyclocross season off on the right foot. ($650)

[303cycling]How can interested people sign up and when do they need to register by?

You can go to http://sufferfestsports.com/ or http://www.vailrec.com/cyclocross.cfm for all of the necessary information. Registration closes on August 1st and there are only 20 spots available. If you register by July 25th, you will be registered to win a super sweet Rocket Longboard from StreetSwell Longboards

[303cycling]Do you have others planned for the future?

We decided to do this clinic in early August to give people time to get the full benefit before the cross season starts. Currently we don’t have any additional clinics planned for this season, but hopefully people like it and we can grow it to a couple of clinics per year in addition to a full 5-day camp.

For more information about Jake Wells or SufferFest Sports Management, check out SufferFestSports.com.

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