It's Too Muddy Buddy!

Buddy, it's too muddy to ride but it you must STAY IN YOUR LANE or better yet, DON'T RIDE THE TRAIL!

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It's freakn' MUD SEASON ... how about some patience???

It was a beautiful day today and I can't wait to get out on the trails but it's freakn' MUD SEASON in CO. Find a dirt road, ride a road that parallels some open space or (gasp) ride the bike path. Seriously, 2 days last week and today, I parked at the Rooney Rd Open Space lot, rode my MTB through Red Rocks, Bear Creek, was great but SO SAD to see the riders coming back to their cars caked in mud. Come on riders, have a little patience and use some good judgment. Wonder if they ever do any trail maintenance? Guess it's "all about them."

Yeah, what a joke. It's

Yeah, what a joke. It's really sad that you, 1. Complain when much needed rain and snow ruins your training and 2. That you ride like this through the mud.
You losers need to find a new place to ride because you are ruining for the 95% of people that have some common sense.