Louisville Crit - Post Race interview with Boulder Racing

[303 Cycling]: As a promoter what was your experience with the chip timing system, how did it effect registration and post race results. Are there any bugs that still need to get worked out?

[Boulder Racing]: With any new changes or system there’s going to be some nervousness going into race day. However, our staff comes from a chip timing background, directing over 20 chip timed events in the last 3 years, so we were more excited than nervous. In terms of registration everything was super smooth and the ACA did a great job of educating the rider on proper chip placement etc.

We feel the key to a successful registration process is to encourage as much pre-registration as possible. The Louisville Crit saw record attendance on Saturday with perfect racing conditions. All pre-reg riders were able to walk up to the pre-reg line, simply sign their “pre-filled out” waiver, and walk away with their number. They saved the couple minutes it takes to fill out a full registration form and kept the registration line nice and short. On top of that all their information was already pre-entered into the chip system’s database, which saves the timing company valuable time before each race starts. Imagine a field size of 65+ riders and having to type all that data in 20min before each race start.

Post race can be described in a couple words, FAST and CORRECT! It didn’t take D&L more than 10-15min to put together digitally printed results after each event, plus there wasn’t a single rider dispute over placing. On our end it appeared that the cyclists weren’t ready to have results posted so quickly, with the awards ceremony immediately following each event. In a couple cases we had to hunt down the top 3 because they were off changing/riding, while waiting for results to be posted.

With any new system there are changes and things to be worked out. Even on our end there’s changes we’d make; simple things like having more nail clippers at the registration tent for zip tie removal. Chip timing though is here to stay and the ACA has done an amazing job getting the system up and running for 2011!

[303 Cycling]: From the riders perspective what was their feedback on the new system?

[Boulder Racing]: Having talked with a few riders post race they all had the same impressions on the day; fast and accurate posting of results, plus a quick registration process. Being the first race of the season we had some riders who rented chips, but at the same time commented post race that they’ll be buying their own chip before the next race. Some riders of course balked over the placement of the chip on the head tube, but once they moved it from their fork to either the headset spacers or head tube they realized it wasn’t that big of a deal. We even saw one rider with a custom-made metal frame that extended up from the front brake bolt. Overall I think the riders realize that chip timing is a tool to enhance their race experience and they’ll make the necessary adjustments to adapt over the coming months.

[303 Cycling]: Any suggestions to the riders planning on doing Koppenberg? If you pre-register

Koppenberg Goodie Bag

[Boulder Racing]: You’ll save money and also receive a goodie bag like Louisville Crit. You’re probably thinking, what’s in the goodie bag? Here’s a photo below. We also encourage you to check out the hill. A new drainage ditch has been installed at the base, which has the Koppenberg looking to be in its best shape ever. I know that has some of the purists disappointed, but it’s still nice and steep, and the wide area will allow for more passing and action on the actual hill over recent years!

We’ve received some comments on the new look for the Koppenberg brand! Let’s just say the awards for 2011 will kick ass and really stand out on your award shelf! We’ll also continue to have some great swag to go with the awards from our sponsors; Breeze Bars, DZ-Nuts, Veloshine, Bulumu Granola, and Rudy Project Sunglasses.

If you’re racing before 2:00pm; cool down, eat, change, and come watch the action for the SMPro1, SM2, SM35+. New for this year; we’ll have music and an announcer on the hillside, plus some mobile exhibitors and raffles from the likes of; Mix1, Breeze Bars, and Pop Chips! Let’s make that hill side shake for Boulder’s Spring Classic! In 2011 the Koppenberg is an ACA Bar/Bat event, the kick off to the Tour of Colorado, plus part of the Rocky Mountain Cup presented by Prerace.com, for more info please visit www.BOULDERRACING.com

[303 Cycling]: What is your race cancellation policy?

[Boulder Racing]: As we all know the Koppenberg Hill has seen its fare share of spring weather in the past. However, “fingers crossed” the new goal with the May date is to avoid the spring storms. It’s Colorado though and we all know 2ft of snow can hit mid May. If by chance we do have to cancel we’ll do our best to reschedule and we've already discussed this contingency with the town, while at the same time taking care of riders who can’t make the re-scheduled date. One of the advantages of having a host of events is being able to issue credits to another event if necessary. Our by the book answer is the following;

INCLIMENT WEATHER POLICY: The show goes on! Please check our Facebook page and Twitter for updates on the race if the weather is looking wet! There are no refunds for a canceled event. However, we're racers ourselves and will always do our best to take care of the athlete.

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