Who Dat: Amy Dannwolf

From 303Triathlon by Lucas McCain

Amy Dannwolf is a competitor, race director, business owner, and wife of a successful local professional triathlete who just finished 2nd Overall at the Boulder 70.3 race on Sunday. Needless to say, she has her hands in a bit of everything. We sat down with Amy to talk about her upcoming Littlefoot Triathlon, her industry related business and the story behind her husband pipping Lance Armstrong at the line earlier this year.

First things first, as most of our audience are triathletes, could you tell give us some information on the Littlefoot Triathlon coming up on September 8th? What do you like about this event and what prompted the date change?

Littlefoot is a sprint triathlon held in Bear Creek Lake Park, in my opinion one of the most scenic parks on the Front Range. The race is held entirely within the park, which is unusual for a triathlon. I've been a part of this event since I first raced it in 2008; it was the 3rd triathlon I ever did and my first sprint. In 2009 I volunteered at the race and in 2010 I took over as race director. Until this year the race was held in mid-May, making it the first open water event of the year in Colorado. The water has always been brutally cold for the race, but in 2011, it snowed the night before. I was camping out at the race site in the back of a Budget Truck, temperatures were in the 30s overnight, and I knew then I had to fight to get the date changed so the race would have a future. There's only so many people who want to swim in 50 degree water. Fortunately, though it took a lot of persistence, Bear Creek Lake Park was receptive of my idea to move it to early September.

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