Interview with North Boulder Park Classic Promoter

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Recently we caught up with race promoter, Keith Harper and Donna Shaw and talked to them about the 2010 North Boulder Park Classic Race. For those who may be new to cycling or the state, learn more about the long great history the North Boulder Park Criterium Race has.

[303Cycling] North Boulder Crit has a new name, new website and new face behind the curtain, tell us what big changes will we see in 2010?

Well, for one the race has a new title sponsor -- Flatiron Subaru. In addition we have a bunch of supporting sponsors who have stepped up to sponsor the individual races. For instance, Juwi Solar is sponsoring the Women's Pro-1-2-3 race and The Pro's Closet is sponsoring the the Men's Masters 35+ race. Each category (10 races) has a sponsor. It's been great! The response from the business community has been really positive. This means there's actually a decent cash prize list for each race which I'm really psyched about. Every category deserves a good race and a good race has a respectable prize list! Oh, and primes -- There'll be lots of prime sprints in each race -- the prime prizes are pouring in from the business that missed out on primary sponsorship.

Also, we're raising money for the Davis Phinney Foundation and Bikes for Humanity -- two really important non-profit organizations with ties to Boulder and the park itself. (Here, watch Davis win at NBP in this video).

[303Cycling]This race has a great spectator history but the last decade it has become more of a racers race, will you all be doing anything special to cater to spectators?

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North Boulder Park is such a great venue and atmosphere that we wanted to make it more of an eclectic event with broad appeal. There will be a beer garden -- by Upslope Brewing. There's an "Expo Row" with lots of participating vendors, food and organizations. We have an "Athletes Village" with racer oriented support (think free massage, artesian water, nutrition products etc.) And of course, there will be some great new Subaru cars on site for tire kicking.

Oh, and there are free kids' events to go with the kids' races. We'll have a free kids' BBQ and bike decorating contest -- mom and dad can hang for while.

[303Cycling]Are you all contracted to do this race or are you a PR company for this race? Who are "the people running the show" anyway?

No, not contracted. This is pure passion-for-bike-racing stuff. Myself (Keith Harper), Jim and Donna Shaw are the new puppeteers behind North Boulder Park. The previous promoter -- Ira Haimann -- passed the torch to us and we're running with it.

I'm an ex-pro bike racer who, as a kid, got turned on to bike racing by seeing the Coors Classic and, in particular, racing at North Boulder Park. I raced at the park as a junior on several occasions. Recently, I won the Master 35+ plus race two years running. So, yeah, I like North Boulder Park.

Jim and Donna, originally from Great Britain, own a house in the neighborhood and caught my enthusiasm for keeping the event alive (little did they know of work involved). They've been super! For example, It was Donna's idea to raise dollars by selling the individual races (she's been the brains of the operation) while Jim's been doing a lot of the leg work and I've been doing most things computer related.

Our ultimate goal for this event is preservation. It's one of the longest running races in colorado and, with the Red Zinger and Coors Classic in it's past, there are some fabulous images and memories that go with the Park. If this race were to disappear for a year, it would be really difficult to bring it back so we want to keep it as a fixture in Boulder.

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