Women's Wednesday - The unsinkable Flora Duffy

Slowtwitch.com recently ran an interesting story on local cyclist (but former and returning triathlete, Flora Duffy). Some will remember this young blond racing with the CU Cycling team after failure at the Bejing Olympics. What was this tri star doing riding with the cycling team? Flora now explains her battle with body image, anorexic and the impact it has on a young successful athlete along with her return to the triathlete world.

This interview was done with her coach, Neal Henderson of the Boulder Sports Center. Flora is from Bermuda but lives in Boulder

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Photo Credit: Slowtwitch

Flora Duffy has been through a lot in her 25 years. The Bermuda native was a running and triathlon star at age 8. Ten years later she finished 8th at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in just her second Olympic distance triathlon. After several top 10 finishes in ITU World Cup competition, she qualified for the 2008 Olympics. But beset with an eating disorder, she fell into a spiral of fatigue, injury and depression and did not finish at Beijing and left the sport. In a remarkable comeback guided by a patient coach, supportive family and encouraging friends at the University of Colorado, she regained her health, her competitive zeal and perspective. Along the way, she rejoined the elite ranks of her sport.

This interview was conducted in two parts – in person with coach Neal Henderson last summer and by email this week.

Slowtwitch: What was it like growing up in Bermuda?

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