David Towle - The Man behind the Mic

"Call the cops because we have a jail break folks!" If you've attended many of the big Colorado cross races then you could not have missed the voice of David Towle. The Phil Liggett of Colorado Cyclocross, David Towle has been entertaining crowds and racers for 7 years now. Recently 303Cycling caught up with Boulder native to learn more about the Man behind the Mic....

[303Cycling] How long have you been announcing at races and How did you get started doing this?

[David] This is my seventh year. I had been around races working as "staff" for a few years before I ever picked up a mic. I was working for Saturn doing what they called "CyberBike" which was for all intents and purposes a virtual reality bike race we'd take to the auto shows around the US as way to connect people to Saturns team . It was the Saturn Cycling Classic (aka the Zinger) where I was doing "CyberBike" and the regular announcer was late, so I got a shot. It was the year that Chris Wherry won and I knew right there and then that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. It took a few years to get some traction though! What I do describes a niche job for sure.....

[303Cycling] You seem to know a lot about the racers, how much studying do you do for an event or throughout the year?

[David] I'm never done learning about the sport and racers. It really helps to have friends in the peloton as well. You really can't get to know the racers if you don't take the time to meet them and actually care about them as people. I spend a lot of time reading too. The standard stuff like velonews.com and cyclingnews.com are regular staples of my day. I guess the best way to answer that is that I love the sport, it's my passion so I think it's fair to say my occupation is my avocation

[303Cycling]You seem to be traveling a lot recently, some over seas too, how many times a year do you announce and how far do you go?

[David] I've done all three editions of the Tour of Ireland and that's the furthest from Boulder that I've worked. 99 percent of the jobs I get is in the US so I make that sound like a bigger deal than it is. I'd say over the last few years I've been announcing about 90 days a year on average.

[303Cycling] What are some of the craziest things you have seen at some of these races?

[David] That's a great question. I guess I'd have to go with the after party every year at CX Nats. That evening tends to be a crazy one. As far as at the races goes, nothing is quite like being around Lance. People go nuts around that guy and there is always "that guy" that takes it too far.

[303Cycling] Lastly, when is the next time you will be announcing in Colorado?

[David] I'll be doing the Blue Sky race at the end of this month. Some of the Boulder Racing events as well. I really miss the amazing scene we have in Colorado. I'll be back!

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