Boulder Art teacher creates inner tube art

Maybe you have already stopped by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and seen this art installation or maybe you read about it in the DailyCamera a month ago, but if you haven't you should. If you go during the Boulder Farmer's Market times (Wed/Sat)then you can see if for free but don't delay because this art goes away in early June.

From the DailyCamera

It's an interesting choice of media, admits Bernstein 42. She happened upon it after she grew tired of painting and "making art to match people's couches." She took a three-year break, returning when she received a scholarship and residency at the Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass.

"During the residency, I was like a kid, again, experimenting Artist Jessica Moon Bernstein with her exhibition, "Ourrubberos," at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. The piece is constructed entirely of bicycle inner tubes. ( MARK LEFFINGWELL) and playing with materials. I found inner tubes there in a junk closet. I am a cyclist, so the tubes caught my eye. I began to collect more," she says. "Originally, I was stapling them to the walls, but soon I began incorporating panels of chicken wire, weaving the inner-tubes through the panels, like weaving a rug. My fantasy was to fill an entire room."

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