Wind Tunnel Testing for improved TT performance

The Haystack TT is just around the corner this April 17th. While the course may be different this year due to road construction on Neva road, the pain and suffering of a TT will not go away... but won't happen as long this year at least -;)

Riding a TT is difficult, besides maybe doing the 1km on the track it is one of the more difficult events in cycling especially for those who rarely train just for it.

To successfully compete in a TT you have to do them, weekly time trial events are your best way to get faster by pushing yourself to go faster every week and learning how much pain your body and mostly mind can really take is key to being fast. But there is also training in that strange position which is very important.

Eventually even with all the practice and training you will reach a plateau and for those serious about breaking out to the next level of time trial performance it's time to take on wind tunnel testing! Local racers, Nico Toutenhofd is that guy, strong climber and dedicated TT racer working on getting those extra 10 seconds here, 5 there, 15 there.....

Nico has been to a couple of wind tunnels, including the one in Fort Collins, his experience with wind tunnel testing for time trial performance is very interesting!

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