Commentary on the Importance of Bridge Access for Bicycles in Denver

Interesting piece from Denver Urbanism about bicycle access on bridges in the Denver area.

Currently, both the 15th Street bridge and the approach to the 20th Street Bridge between Highlands and Downtown Denver on the Highlands side are under construction. Both reconstruction efforts are part of CDOT’s continued work on I-25 which is being widened through this section of Downtown Denver to provide more capacity for automobiles. The reconstructed bridges will result in an attractive pedestrian walkway and better bicycle facilities along Central Street in the Highlands overlooking the highway. However, lacking from both these projects are significant improvements for bicycle access across the bridges. Details on the CDOT project can be found here.

Part of the reasoning for the lack of improvements is that people on bicycles should be using the series of bridges along 16th Street to access Downtown. This reasoning misses a key point. Bridges, by their nature, are pinch points that must accomodate multiple modes of transportation because all users have no choice but to funnel onto the bridge to cross what ever obstacle the bridge is crossing, be it a river, highway or railroad tracks.

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