Illegal Speed Bump takes out south Denver Cyclist

Update This location might not be in the city of Englewood, anyone know who's it is in?

Last Friday a cyclist was riding in Englewood in the Denver Tech Center descending a hill. Given that fall is coming on the shadows from the trees are becoming stronger and one tree was shadowing a "speed bump" leaving it nearly invisible to the cyclist resulting in them hitting the pavement at speeds around 20mph and putting them in the ER. Here is the location of the incident Interestingly enough, the city of Englewood on their website does not use speed bumps

Results of various studies have raised concerns about the potential dangers of speed bumps. Speed bumps are not recognized by the State of Colorado as an official traffic control device. Injuries caused by speed bumps may result in significant additional liability for the City. For these reasons, the City of Englewood does not use speed bumps on public streets and alleys.

Here is a second view of the speed bump view too

The final result gave the rider some extreme road rash (they sent me the photos but won't share) and has left their leg immobile for a unknown healing time. So if Englewood does not install speed bumps then who did? It would be assumed that if the city had some street paint might have been added to warn users of the road of this.

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This is a man made hazard

This is a man made road hazard unlike a pothole, so your comparison fails. Depending on the circumstances, there may be some liability on whoever placed it there. The vast majority of speed bumps I have seen are marked and there are standards for constructing them. This one looks homemade. If it is and is not up to snuff, this guy/gal has a valid complaint.

I understand, and mostly

I understand, and mostly agree with your point about personal responsibility. I find it quite distasteful when people are looking for a payday out of every incident. However, don't you think that finding out who owns the speedbump is worthwhile so that the problem can be corrected, thus preventing someone else from being injured. I also think Some shared responsibility for medical bills is fair--seeing that this was a preventable accident caused by A traffic control device placed without standard warning markings. This is the reason that tort law exists in the first place.

It's pretty reasonable and a

It's pretty reasonable and a requirement I believe (but I'm still looking) that if you're going to put down traffic control devices like that speed bump you have to mark them so people will slow down and, you know, not crash their bike or damage the front end of their vehicle.

Also, from CDOT: "Speed humps ...extend the full width of the street with height tapering near the drain gutter to allow unimpeded bicycle travel." So I would think there may be some liability on the part of whoever put down the speed bump, possibly improperly, but I'm only guessing of course.


You read that and somehow figured you needed to gift us with this brilliant piece of insight? I would like names to be required to comment so the idiots are marked just like the speed bumps should be.

All - late to the game.

All - late to the game. please forgive me if I am out of synch. Odds are the local Owners Association/ Home Owners Assosiation (OA/ HOA)did this as a result of residents input. Easy enough to have them checked out. Search OA/HOA BOD Minutes, expenses, checkign accounts, emails. etc... Someone paid for it. My two cents are city did not even know. Stinks of a locals action... Good Luck to all in solving the mystery