Idiots amoung us -- True story

Emailed to us from a reader... idiots!

Location: Republic of Boulder

Last Saturday two riders on mountain bikes (can’t recall if they were front or full suspension) decided to ride down the middle of a neighborhood street. After following behind them, for a block or so, I gave them a honk to let them know a car was behind them. You know, kinda like when you’re on a bike and you say “on your left” to upcoming pedestrians. Next thing I know, as I turn into my complex, the male rider came pedaling quickly and screaming profanities. (Sidenote: I'm a 5'3" female and the rider was over over 6'). He wanted me to get out of my car and "fight" me. Instead I stayed inside my car,as he continued to yell at me, and he decided to punch my windshield and shatter it.

I love to ride and share the road, but DUDE, lay off the steroids and maybe your male genital will come back.

If you happen to know a Caucasian, probably around 6'2", salt and pepper scruf with closely shaved hair, balding on top and likes to wear board shorts on his ride, please contact me at

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It seems crazy that some guy

It seems crazy that some guy would smash your windshield and then want to fight you.
I just don't understand people these days anymore. Did you have a camera to take his picture?
I would 'have' just called the cops & waited for them to show up! I am glad you are okay.
Wish I was there to help you.

It's a fiction that there

It's a fiction that there are two distinct groups, one being Motorists and the other Cyclists. As if they were different species, one a species of aggro pickup-driving rednecks and the other a species of eco-hipster fixie scofflaws.

The fact is that both groups embody elements of greater humanity, of which there is no shortage of both cool people and total a-holes. Sorry that you ran into the latter.

I'm calling BS

unless you had a rather large crack in your windshield, or the cyclist had a piece of pipe or a wrench or something like that, there is NO way he broke your windshield w/ one punch without putting himself in the ER with a broken hand. Sorry, but I ain't buying it.