IBM Connector Trail to move forward again

The IBM Connector trail as it is called will once again start work and be complete in 2013. This trail will be another piece to the puzzle of trail works around the Boulder area. It appears that connecting existing trails together is the latest focus by the transportation department and trail users. Below the Daily Camera provides more information

The new trail connection -- known as the IBM Trail Connector because it passes through a conservation easement on IBM's property near 63rd Street and Diagonal Highway -- has been part of Boulder's long-range plan for more than 20 years, according to a city memo on the connector.

It will connect the Cottontail Trail east of the Diagonal to the Boulder Reservoir Trail on the north side of 63rd. It also will form a portion of the Longmont-Boulder trail and fills a gap in the "Trail Around Boulder."

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Section of IBM Connector shown with the "Open 2013"

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Looks like the Erie-Boulder Trail is off the radar

Not quite Gunbarrel but close, as for years the County had been talking about converting the former Union Pacific (now RTD) rail line into a trail that would connect the Boulder trail system all the way to Erie but now it's not even on their list of projects anymore

As for the trail completion in Gunbarrel all I've heard is talk and from that talk the completion of the Boulder trail to the Gunbarrel trail is not even close due to land owners.

What I want to know and I have not heard any talk is will they ever extend the LOBO more along the Diagonal? Or at least from 63rd out to Niwot... seems easy and cheap to me.