Will you ride US 93 once shoulders are complete?

Yes, finally a safe(ish) way to Golden
No, that road is still way too sketch
Total votes: 165


Be nice to have the Morgul

Be nice to have the Morgul loop open up as a viable training option without the associated risk of 93 in it's current form.

Don't see any reason to think 93 to Golden (with shoulders) would be any worse than 36 to Lyons (although that's not saying a whole lot). I'd much prefer to see Indiana opened up with shoulders, which I believe Jeffco/CDOT are working on.

HWY 93

I remember the days of the bumper stickers "Pray for me I drive HWY 93." Well, things have improved greatly. I live in west Arvada. Our only choices for bridging to Boulder and points north are Hwy 93, Indiana, or Simms. Indiana is worse than 93, and Simms in the lesser of all evils. Now that 93 has shoulders it's fantastic! Thank you CDOT, Jeffco, and Boulder!! I look forward to improvements of 93 towards Eldo. Keep Colorado in the forefront of safe National cycling.

Road construction in Colorado

I moved to CO last year and rode the section of 93 in question -- I didn't ride it again after that because of how close some cars were getting as they passed -- And I was on far right on the broken edge of the asphalt.

I will definitely try 93 out again and it would be great to be able to ride down to Golden from Boulder.

As an aside, it would be great if the next time they decided to (needlessly) repave Simms (like they did last summer -- NOw looks more or less the same as last year, before they repaved it), that they'd just add a 3' bike lane on each side instead.