Celebrities riding the HOWL Ride

This relatively new ride in Castle Rock area will have a few Colorado cycling Celebrities riding in it like Dale Stetina, Bob Shaver, Ron Kiefel, Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter. Recently Susie Wargin of 9News interviewed Bob Shaver on Ritter's recovery (he is a huge fan of this ride) and talked about the ride

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HOWL 2010

I am particularly happy with the fact that most if not ALL the photos posted for this year's ride, are of the govener and his "morning machine" trolls. But of course, this ride was in appreciation of the wonderful govener so I suppose it makes sense. It would be nice to have some photos of the - I don't know, few hundred other partcipants. I saw photographers out there snapping pictures at most everyone, but cannot find a single image that doesn't have the same people in it. Again, the gov and his trolls. What I particularly like, is that not even 5 miles into the ride, a couple of his assistants had to pull off onto a gated driveway and share a CIGARETTE!!!F'ing hilarious.