Are you chipped correctly?

For those racing this Spring take a look, are you chipped correctly?

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Roubaix type races are bicycle racing in it's purist form, they have been around since bikes were invented.

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Don't get me wrong, I like

Don't get me wrong, I like 'dirt road' races. But, unless you're racing on a fixie, your purist argument is weak. Of course they raced on dirt back in the day. There were no paved roads, nor freewheels, back in the beginning. If purity is what you're after, let's at least go back to single speeds with bolt-on wheels and clips&straps.

Modern Bikes

I dont race much any more but I have done Boulder Roubaix 3 or 4 time and the Koppenberg 3 or 4 times. I ride the dirt roads north of Boulder all the time. Yeah my bike gets dirty but I have never broken/destoryed anything. Sketch dirt? Most of the roads north of town are in great shape.

A bake sale is a good idea if

A bake sale is a good idea if you're the same day as Boulder Roubaix. This is one of the biggest races on the calendar as well as one of the best run events. I guess you'll get the college students at least. As for me and the other 800 riders we'll be at Boulder Roubaix for the spring classic. Why not choose a different day and you both win out, but I think someone mentioned that you don't get to choose the date of the event. Maybe the collegiate scene should start working with the LA so we don't have this happen again.

Dear geniuses, CSU didnt

Dear geniuses,

CSU didnt choose to go up against B-R. the conference picks the dates, they have a very limited window for the RMCCC calendar.

I'm sort of amazed that there are actually people who think CSU was like "AW YEAH MAN LETS BRING BOULDER ROUBAIX DOWN!", and that those people are allowed to vote.

Let Collegiate do Collegiate

Let Collegiate do Collegiate as they have done for so many years in the past. I have no problem with them running their event for collegiate rankings, the only downside is for the collegiate riders who would like to do Boulder Roubaix. Why should this have any impact on Roubaix (besides losing some college riders).

Chipped Correctly

This is very confusing. I specifically asked an official to look at my TT bike with chip mounted as shown in the red slashed photo and was told it was ok becasue it is still visible to the matt. Extremely manipulated head tubes make it very hard to mount on them whereas the bottom of the stem is a good solution. On top of the stem is not ok. Your article is missleading.