Are you chipped correctly?

For those racing this Spring take a look, are you chipped correctly?

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April 7th races

Has there been any 'chatter' about the races on Sat, April 7th? There's Boulder Roubaix and the Cobb Lake Circuit Race up in Ft. Collins. I know this is CSU's weekend, but both a bummer and kinda cool both of these races are going on. Hmmmm.....
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CSU Weekend

CSU weekend will be a great weekend of racing.

DBC apparently warned the CSU guys to cancel their race and hold a bake sale instead of competing with B-R. Typical Boulder bullies.

I know they'd love to prove that the front range is big enough for two solid events to have good turn out. If youre lookin for a great, affordable race on a new course with a change of scenery, you can't beat the Cobb Lake circuit. plus, your money goes to support collegiate racing.

Boulder Roubaix Wins

Not sure what this race is trying to prove going up against Boulder Roubaix, but they're going to get slaughtered. If its such a cool race then run it mid summer when all we have are crits among Mt. Evans. You're probably going to make more money doing a bake sale on that weekend.

Each university in the RMCCC

Each university in the RMCCC has to host a race. The race season starts in mid March and goes nearly every weekend until Collegiate Nationals in early May, which are during Spring Finals for college students.

Besides, schools can make serious cash if they host a successful race. The CU crit had 300-400 (non collegiate) racers. At $30 to race, that's a LOT of money.

Why the Roubaix?

I don't get the allure of doing either of the Roubaix honestly. I know it is similar to pro spring races in Europe but last I checked those dudes get their bikes from a team for FREE. So if they destroy it on some sketch dirt road it's a whatever situation, they have three more in the trailer. Do you guys just take a whatever, I can afford to replace it attitude? Being new to the area I look at the Mead Roubaix pics and listen to other riders and it sounds like carnage for both rider and bike. I'll probably head up to the CSU race for the preservation of my equipment.

I'd rather risk my bike at

I'd rather risk my bike at the Roubaix's than at any of the hundred or so business park crits that yield an equal or greater amount of carnage on any given weekend.

Besides, as has been mentioned in previous posts, they have tightened up the Mead course this year in order to avoid the sketchy sections.