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  • Pro-Challenge Pizza Party with First Bank & 303.

    HEY, DENVER: Join @eFirstBank, Katie Macarelli from @303Cycling, and our dashing host, Jasen Thorpe for FREE PIZZA and watch the USA Pro Challenge as it makes its way from Gunnison, over and then back up Monarch Mountain for the finish. The race will be on the televisions at Anthony’s and across the street – on the side of the FirstBank Union Station branch – on a bank of nine 55” monitors. Race coverage goes live at 1:30 and concludes at 4:00pm.

    In case you missed that: FREE PIZZA (for roughly the first 50 attendees). USA Pro Challenge. HUGE TELEVISION SCREENS. Presented by FirstBank and 303Cycling at Anthony’s Pizza, Union Station. #FreeHappens. (Address here: http://www.anthonyspizzaandpasta.com/location/denver-lodo)

    *Also, don’t forget to follow @eFirstBank and @303Cycling for live USA Pro Challenge Coverage during the event, including a Hollywood Celebrity/Pro-Cyclist Doppelganger contest... (Let’s see Phil and Paul top that!)

  • Meet the Athletes: USA Pro Challenge Cyclists

    Join Carter Jones, Eric Young, Alex Howes and Kiel Reijnen at the Boulder REI for a Q & A panel discussion the evening of August 14th. These top athletes will share their insider tips on nutrition, gear and what it takes to compete at one of the largest cycling events in U.S history. Featuring free giveaways from REI and Velo, this event is sure to fill up fast. Tell your friends and reserve your spot today at Meet the Athletes, REI.

    • Date: 8/14/2014
    • Event Location: Boulder REI
    • Event Fee: Free
    • Time: 6:30 - 8:00 PM MDT
    • Presenter: USA Pro Challenge Cyclists

    More info. about the athletes:
    Carter Jones
    Eric Young
    Alex Howes
    Kiel Reijnen

    *The madness starts next week!! Make sure you are prepared.

  • Mt. Evans isn't over--welcome to the Rodeo.

    Click here for pictures of this mighty voyage.

    From Rodeo Adventure Labs, Aug 6th, 2014:
    The ride has been dubbed the Mount Evans Chill Climb. The route will entail the final twelve to fourteen miles from Echo Lake Lodge to the summit of the mountain at 14,265′ (4,348 m). It is the highest paved road in America.

    It won’t be a race, it won’t be a time trial, it’ll just be a fun way to test ourselves and have a good time with friends. No official support will be provided, no roads will be closed. We’re just going on a ride together. Riders should keep in mind that the road is fully open to traffic and obey all traffic laws.

    For those that want to come along, you must secure your own bike and get it to Echo Lake Lodge. It can be a clunker, it can be a city bike, it can even be a road bike if you want to follow slowly and heckle. That decision is up to you as long as YOU are confident that you and the bike are up to the task of ascending and descending safely.

    We will offer no support with bikes. We ourselves like the idea of riding something heavy and challenging because most of us have already summit-ed Evans on standard road bike gear. We want to meet at the lodge by 8am, eat some hashbrowns, eggs, and coffee, then begin our assault on the peak. Staggered starts would be a good idea so as not to create large groups or hinder traffic.

  • Wake up Call: Laura Weintraub

    If you're not familiar with Laura Weintraub's FIRST claim to fame, read this article from Bicycle Magazine first.

    Act 1: To summarize it, she filmed herself as a passenger in a van spewing hate and the intent to harm/harass cyclists in LA. The best part? She WAS (until her brilliant film debut) a reserve police officer. *I can't even find this video to post, as it's been removed. Probably for the best. It was awful.

    Act 2: Obviously there was quite a backlash. She was suspended, received hate-letters, calls, death-threats, etc.

    Act 3. May we present for your enjoyment, Ms. Weintraub's "Wake-up Call". Gosh. She seems so sincere.

  • What Happens When the Six Million Dollar Man (bike) Crashes?

    Today's coffee talk: Are the benefits of carbon worth the increased cost of potential replacement/fixes/injuries? To keep my somewhat silly comparison going, when the Six Million Dollar Man fell off a building or got ran over, the secret segment of the Government and their team of doctors fixed him right up for the next episode. Same with carbon bikes for the pros. The average pro goes through...many bikes in one year. The crashes are nothing short of a terrifying, spectacular show at ridiculous speeds. The bikes and riders are often shattered, but the team car arrives, with new bikes and doctors, fixing the rider right up.

    But for the average local rider/racer, it's not such a 80's action sit-com ending. Your bike is gone, your crash is painful and there you are in a situation that may not have been as severe (financially) than if you were on an aluminum or steel frame.

    Recently trusted bike-fitter extraordinaire, (Big) George Mullen (Peak Cycles, Golden) and I were discussing this very topic during a fit. His prediction for the future: all major bike shops will have their own carbon repair person in house. That's how common repairs are becoming. In his opinion, "It will simply become a necessity.". Read the article below and give us your opinion.

    From the mobile.nytimes.com
    -Ian Austen,
    July 26, 2014, Periguex, France

    Photo: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    In terms of technology, Greg LeMond, the three-time Tour de France winner, was a pioneer. In an age when steel still dominated, LeMond rode bikes made of carbon-fiber composites, then an exotic material mostly used by the military.

    At this year’s Tour, carbon fiber is the only material used for bikes, and it has also replaced aluminum in wheel rims. The strength, lightness and the design flexibility offered by carbon fiber have ensured its dominance. And its most extreme form, the special aerodynamic time-trial bicycle, was on display Saturday in the 20th stage.

    But there has been a catch. Unlike steel or aluminum, carbon fiber does not bend in crashes. Rather the bikes and wheels frequently shatter, often hurling riders to the road and, many fear, increasing the severity of injuries.

    “Anyone in a team who’s being honest with you will tell you how frequently their bikes are breaking; everybody knows,” said Mark Greve, a physician and assistant professor of sports medicine at Brown University who studied injuries to 3,500 competitive cyclists. “Few people in the public appreciate how many bikes a pro team will go through in a season, because they break for one reason or another. The bikes, they completely explode.”
    For the entire article, click here.

    Photo: bikeforums.net

    *And by the way, if you DO happen to be in need of this service, call Sam Morrison, Brady Kappius and their crew at
    brokencarbon.com. I just picked up two bikes (mine and a neighbor's) last night. They did amazing work. Much cheaper than a frame/crash replacement. Much. For more on their business, go to Brady Kappius and Broken Carbon.