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  • Road closures due to flooding

    Boulder County Transportation has closed some roads temporarily due to low level flooding. You can stay on top of those closures (and openings) at: http://maps.bouldercounty.org/roadclosures/. At this time, Transportation is closing a part of N. County Line Rd. due to the Little Thompson overtopping the low-water crossing. They are also monitoring N. 83rd St., and 95th St. between Lookout Rd. and Valmont Rd. as water is close to encroaching on the southbound lane. If you use any of these roads for your afternoon or evening commute, please consider using a different route to get around the closures.

    The Boulder Office of Emergency Management is monitoring weather and storm conditions today. There is a flood advisory in effect for the rest of the afternoon for the foothills, canyons, and some low lying areas. While we don’t anticipate significant flooding or flash flooding within the boundaries of Boulder County, we are experiencing some “areal” flooding (water rising up from the saturated ground) and some overflow from creeks spilling onto county roads in low areas.

    As with any uncertain weather patterns or conditions, members of the public are encouraged to check the Emergency Status page on the Boulder OEM website: http://www.boulderoem.com/emergency-status/ whenever severe weather or Flood Watch or Warnings are in effect. Check back often for any updates if you have concerns about the weather or emergency conditions.

    You can also check @BoulderOEM on Twitter and www.facebook.com/BoulderOEM for updates. Be sure to “like” or “follow” Boulder OEM social media to stay informed.

    Remember, be safe when traveling through low lying wet areas and don’t risk getting caught up in moving waters.

  • Cyclist fatally shot in Windsor

    From the Coloradan:
    The Windsor Police Department is holding a press conference at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the fatal shooting of 48-year-old John Jacoby.

    Jacoby was killed about 10 a.m. Monday as he was riding a bicycle northbound on County Road 15 near County Road 72. A passing motorist found Jacoby, who was a part-time caretaker with the town of Windsor.

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  • Colorado's Bicycle Friendliness drops again, this time to 7th

    From 2nd in 2013, 6th in 2014 and 7th in 2015! Colorado's cycling culture is losing to states that don't really have cycling stamped into their culture like we do in Colorado. Here is the state's report card

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    Top 10 states in 2015

    1. Washington
    2. Minnesota
    3. Massachusetts
    4. Utah
    5. Oregon
    6. Colorado
    7. California
    8. Wisconsin
    9. Maryland
    10. New Jersey

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  • Colorado Bike Month is June!

    June is Colorado Bike Month and every year areas around the state are continuing to grow this effort from a day of biking to a week of biking all the way not to a entire month dedicate to getting you out of your cars and onto a bike!

    Here are some helpful resources to planning your next trip by bike this year

  • The Nation’s Newest Velodrome Opens in Colorado, Racing Begins!

    ERIE, CO (April 13, 2015)—Ten years after founders Doug Emerson and Frank Banta set out to build it, the Boulder Valley Velodrome officially opened in December 2014 and the 2015 race season started on April 4. The 250-meter Olympic-caliber facility, designed by renowned track architect Peter Junek and built by Frank Banta Construction, has 41.5-degree bankings and 11.5-degree straights. Situated in a cycling hot spot at an altitude of 5,130 feet, it may possibly be one of the fastest tracks in the world.

    “With the demographics we have, we’re not telling people what a velodrome is—they already know,” Emerson says. “We have world-class talent that lives nearby. They ride their bikes here, train and ride home.” Bringing 30 years of experience owning University Bicycles in Boulder to the partnership, Emerson knows the Colorado cyclist. With the 2016 Summer Olympic Games nearing, the partners anticipate an influx of Olympians en route to Rio in the years ahead. Boulder Valley Velodrome’s dimensions, altitude and time zone make it a natural training stop.

    The facility, however, serves more than elite riders. The partners brought on board Olympian Pat McDonough as track director. Previously with Trexlertown velodrome in Pennsylvania and the OTC 7-Eleven velodrome in Colorado Springs, at Boulder Valley Velodrome, McDonough is developing programming that serves riders of varying ages and interest levels—a kid’s program, a one-time introductory class and a certification program for those who wish to expand their velodrome experience or compete on the track. He also runs the race programs. Certified riders may compete in the Saturday Night Time Trials and the Thursday Night Races. Spectators are always welcome.

    “Most members don’t race, however,” explains Emerson who applies the same business model to the velodrome as University Bicycles—grassroots authenticity. “There’s a good social scene. It is super friendly and welcoming.”

    Banta and Emerson demonstrate a dedication to the sport and a determination to see it thrive. They set out to create a culture in which all riders and spectators are welcome to their track by including lights for nighttime training and racing and a spectator beer garden. Saturday Night Time Trials continue throughout the spring, and Thursday Night Races begins May 21. Events are open to licensed local and out-of-town racers, as well as spectators.