Honor the Stop

Honor the Stop is not about the Bus Stop or the Bus Stop ride but it is about respecting the law. This movement was started in San Francisco and is spreading throughout the country. Their theme is pretty basic, follow traffic laws and respect others in order to gain respect. I LOVE IT. I can't tell you how many times I get frustrated when I see a cyclist blow through a 4 way stop when there are 3 cars already at the stop. How can we expect auto traffic to cut us some slack when some riders don't give a damn about the laws of the road. The problem could explode as CU University encourages freshmen to leave cars at home. Hopefully the university (including the CU cycling team) will spend some time and $$ to focus on cycling education on campus.

I also want to put a special thanks out to the Boulder Cycling Club who recently started to promote this too in their recent newsletter and blog. So far this year Boulder the greater Denver area as been VERY lucky to not have the car-bike conflict that has greatly affected the Portland area (a recently Platinum by League of American Cyclist).

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