Hit and Run Fatality leaves with no jail time in Fort Collins

Wednesday's plea deal sends a message that there are few ramifications for a driver who kills a cyclist on our local roads.

To slam your silver 2003 Toyota Camry into the back of a cyclist riding near Windsor.

To flee the scene of the crash, leaving 46-year-old Ernesto Wiedenbrug lying on the side of the road with severe injuries.

Theresa Marie O'Connor won't be going to jail.

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If you want to murder somebody and get away with it, simply run them over while they're on a bike. - StevilKinevil Twitter

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...and she never looses her

...and she never looses her drivers license. Disgraceful plea bargain. If you kill on the roads, and leave the scene, and the victim in the ditch, you should never drive again. Driving is not a right. Make our roads safe by taking away the privilege of driving from those that can't respect the rules of the road.

July 2nd, Fort Collins Court

July 2nd, Fort Collins Court sentencing for Theresa Marie O'Connor is coming up.

Lets make sure this doesn't get forgotten and time to PACK the COURT HOUSE!! We need to show that killing people the ride bikes is a serious crime. Tell the judge and our representatives that there has to be a BIG punishment!!

The sentence was handed down yesterday

This woman, Theresa Marie O'Connor, hit and killed a cyclist, ran from the scene leaving him lying on the side of the road and didn't turn herself in for several days. Even though the story says she has been sentenced to a year in prison she will be allowed to serve that on work release so in all likelihood she will serve no jail time at all. http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/woman-sentenced-in-fort-...