Heatherwood Elementary needs donated kids bikes

Each year, Heatherwood Elementary school hosts a spring time, "Walk and Roll" week encouraging kids to ride or walk to school. Last year's first Walk and Roll week was a huge success with hundreds of children opting to walk or ride! At the end of the week we had a raffle for prizes to every kid who participated and the grand prize was.....


A Brand new bike!! For nearly 2 weeks the new bike sat front and center in the lobby of the school for every kid to see (along with the name of the bike shop). It was a major encourager in getting the kids to participate in the events that week. This Walk and Roll week is scheduled for the week of the 23rd and Heatherwood is looking for a bike shop interested in donating a kids bike. You gets TONS in return
  • Your name will be boldly presented next to the bike as it sets in the lobby
  • Your name will go out to ALL Heatherwood parents as a major supporter of the event
  • Major coverage on 303cycling

In addition to a new bike donation, Heatherwood is also looking to accept used kids bikes to be made available to those to are not lucky enough to have a bike of their own.

For more information and donation information contact Kris at 303cycling

Photos from last year's event

From Heatherwood Walk and Roll 2008
From Heatherwood Walk and Roll 2008

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