Hard Night at Short Track

Not one of the better nights at CU Short Track. For starters the course was way to difficult for the kids race, at two sections of the course they had parents/spectators hauling their bikes up and down the hills. Correction/addition see comments below in regards to the next item Next a small child was hit by a car in the parking lot. And lastly, a rider in the woman's A field, Webcor rider, was sent away in an ambulance, her condition at the moment is unknown however people near the accident said she had landed on her head pretty hard. The accident happened on a section of short yet steep "whoop dee doos". Surprising was the number of CX riders out last night which is good to see even though last nights course was not cross friendly... keep up the spirit CX riders!

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kid vs. car

Actually, I heard that the kid ran into the car (not the other way around). And more importantly, I understand that the the driver walked with the child to find his dad and they talked it out. May be a little premature to be claiming a hit and run.

Sounds like the child is ok,

Sounds like the child is ok, that's good! My child does the kids race and and I do the men's race. I feel the promoters could use a little help with running the race. The kids race could easily be shortend by moving a couple pieces of tape. The start finish line always concerns me due to racers preparing to line up while the previous racers finish. I've seen way to many close calls this year! I think it could be better managed. It looks to me they have two cones, not enough. I'm a former race promoter including a short track series and a ST state championship. I have ten cones and a large timing clock that I would lend to the promoters. I would also advise, if they wanted it. Of cousre this just my two cents!

kid vs car

Heard the horrible thud of the initial impact, saw the kid quickly get up from under the front of the large truck and run to his dad, commendable that the driver followed him and talked to his dad to make sure everything was okay, a stark reminder to be extra vigilant with so many kids attending this series

I thought the course was good...

They could have made quick modifications for the kids, but all the kids I saw were having a pretty good time - I think most of them like being treated the same as the other racers. Plus there were plenty of parents on hand to help out.

The courses for the last 3 weeks have been *really* good. Just sayin.

Hope the lady who crashed is ok. That was scary.

-Walt "DNF" Wehner