Greg Krause tells how he got Lanced at Crested Butte

Greg Krause holding on to second
Photo Credit: Trent Bona Photography

Finishing 2nd for some is not what they would call finishing a great race but when your victor is a 7 time Tour de France champion then it can take a little bit of the sting out of the loss. This past weekend Greg Krause missed 1st place in the Crested Butte Alpine Odyssey by about 3 seconds to Lance Armstrong. I asked Greg how the race went down.

"On the first lap I noticed that Lance and the other rider could climb the steeper sections much better than myself so on lap 2 I made my break on one of the more gradual climbs and got a big gap". But before that attack Greg had mentioned that Lance was all business in the race, "there was no pack chat going on with a few exceptions of where Lance was feeling us out to see how we were, he even joked a little pointing out that I was the only 1 of the 3 of them with shaved legs"

At the base of the final climb of the race Greg had almost a minute and a half on Lance but by the top Lance had pulled it back to only 20 seconds. All he had to do was to ride the "super D" like course down to the base and call it a win. While Greg does spend a lot of his time on his road bike he is no stranger to the mountain bike so to see that Lance had caught up to him on the descent was impressive. "Lance rode with skill no doubt, I road a great descent but he still caught me" It was in the finishing section where Lance pulled around Greg and took the victory.

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