Greeley Cyclist seriously injured

Wish the cyclist good will in the months ahead

From Greeley Tribune

He was on one of those rides Wednesday by himself, a gut-buster up Two Rivers Parkway, when a car hit him head-on. The crash left him “pretty much crushed from head to toe,” said his youngest daughter, Juel Rae, 38, of Loveland. He suffered many broken bones, but the worst of it is a brain injury that leaves Warren in a coma, on life support and fighting for his life under minute-by-minute care at Denver Health Medical Center, where he was flown after the first few hours at North Colorado Medical Center.

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From the related

From the related article:

"Mark Christensen, 67, of Greeley, was driving north on Two Rivers near Weld 396 when he crossed over and slammed into Warre....Christensen was cited for careless driving causing bodily injury."

It's legal to own a gun and it's legal to drive a 3500+lb vehicle. Carelessly misuse the gun and you get punished fairly severely (and rightfully so), carelessly misuse the 3500lb vehicle by slamming it into an innocent bystander, crushing his entire body and leaving him on life support and in a coma and get a frikkin' traffic ticket.