Great Road Rides Denver -- New Book

Fulcrum publishing has just released a new book call Great Road Rides Denver and is currently available at Amazon. Thanks to Fulcrum publishing for sending us a few copies to review which I did.

Thanks to Jay Kenney and Fulcrum Publishing for allowing us to show you the content for Red Rocks Park Loop

Want to learn even more about the book and the author, then check out the book events for the following dates and locations

June 14 at The Tattered Cover, LoDo, at 7:30 pm
June 19 at Barnes and Noble Denver West at 1:00 pm
July 15 at Clear Creek Books in Golden at 6:30 pm

The Review
The book is authored by Jay Kenney and it covers 5 interesting bike routes in the Denver area pretty good details explaining the ride with words and very well detailed maps. Each ride gives you the basics like distance, elevation gain, types of surface (street, trail, mix, etc.) and more. The descriptions of the route can be very detailed and also has some photos. These details can be very useful to the cycling newbie who's wants to know what they are getting into before peddling down the road on a mystery voyage. This book can also be useful to the Denver cyclist who wants to try something different, explore a new section of town and likewise is good for the Boulderite who wants to step out of the bubble and explore Denver.

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not just a great book of routes

It certainly is that, but the author also shares a great wealth of understanding and passion about urban cycling, and integrating that with rural trail riding. So it would be a great book to read even for cyclists who will never get to Denver to try these particular rides. Having said that, we're very grateful that Denver offers such great opportunities for cyclists.

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