Great Cycling Books for the off season

In the off season I like to catch up on all of the great cycling publications for the previous year. I have a pretty massive library of cycling books which I will share my top 5 books below. Yesterday I reached out to our Twitter followers and asked Looking for some good new cycling books for this winter, got any recommendations?. I got quite few response and a few asked to publish what results I do get. Here is what you all recommended

From that list I ordered Johann Bruyneel's book, Might as Well Win. I like Johann and the title is so catchy the next on on my will will have to be Dog and a Hat.

My Top 5 6 Cycling Books

The top 3 books was very easy but after that many others were pretty good but top 3 are by far my favorites.

  • 6 - Greg Moody's Fiction series Great interesting and quick read on a tale of a former pro cyclist and his return to cycling in Colorado (I think it has been a few years since I last read them)
  • 5 - Sean Kelly a man of all season I like this one because it really highlights struggle of a very blue collar bike racer and a man who can do anything. Also filled with great photos.
  • 4 - Bobke - A ride on the wild side of cycling If you don't piss your pants while reading this then read it again!
  • 3 - Intimate Portrait of the Tour De France Great stories from the olden days of racing the great race, also great pictures. More of a history lesson book and less about the tour of today.
  • 2 - Hearts of Lions Fantastic book on American racing way back in the day. Learn about a sport that was bigger than football and baseball combined at the time! Europe, whatever, New Jersey was were it was at our Salt Lake city. I must read for anyone interested in cycling history!
  • - 1 Major Taylor Without a doubt my favorite book! It could be argued that Major Taylor was THE greatest cyclist of all time, greater than Lance. But what really captured my attention is learning about the struggles of black athletes long ago. Its terrible that Jackie Robinson gets soo much credit for breaking the white barrier because Major Taylor had to do the same thing nearly 30 years BEFORE Jackie became a star AND Major Taylor had to deal with religious difficulty too (racing on Sundays). Not only do I recommend this book to anyone but I also recommend this to be read in our schools today. Major Taylor was amazing!

What are some of your favorite cycling books?

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Obviously, one of the best- 'Breakaway-On the road with the Tour de france" by
Samuel Abt. Book uses the 1984 Tour to tell the story of bike racing. Also, real gems that would be hard to find are the pictorial yearbooks "The Fabulous World of Cycling" from the mid to late 1980s.

Best Cycling Guidebooks for Denver/Boulder

We actually just ran an article yesterday on the best cycling guidebooks for the Denver and Boulder regions at

Though the season is winding down, we've lucked out with some great weather and are getting a lot of bang for the buck out of the guidebooks we mention. Enjoy!