Great articles from the past 4 years from 303cycling

As we continue to celebrate our 4th Birthday I'd like to share some of what think are the best of 303
Best heart warming article
I love this because myself and other 303 members worked hard to make this happen, Walk and Roll for those with special needs

Best photo set every seen, 2011 Mead Roubaix
Right place at the right time! David scouted out the course beforehand and he sensed that the real photo action was going to be on the descents, not the climbs. The photos are so surreal that it almost looks like a clip from an action film. here is where the action starts

Favorite Video

Best "embedded" reporting on the story. Master rider Nico Toutenhoofd took me on one of his vampire rides at some crazy early hour of the morning in October, on my birthday of all days. OUCH!

Best investigative reporting
Got to ride with an undercover cop as we followed the Carter Lake ride on weekend to capture the Conscious Cycling article.

Most painful to write
Chuck Coyles receives sanction for Doping.

Exciting happenings in Boulder
- Boulder Velodrome
- Valmont Bike Park
- Boulder Bcycle

Best Old Timer article
I'm a history nut, especially when it comes to local cycling so this gem about the Chicken Farm races was my favorite with the teamBoulder Velo coming in close second.

Most mysterious article
I love this one for what they did and how I received the information, it almost felt like I was in some murder mystery how I came to get this information about L'Alpe d'Flag

Great interviews...
- Brandon Dwight and Gene Palumbo. But all of our interviews were great!

Best of 2008
Best of 2009
Best of 2010

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