Tuesday Coffee Talk - What does all this Pro Cyclng debacle mean to you?

I'm sure many wish this is the last article they read on the professional cycling debacle but somehow I doubt it will be true. Many of us reading 303cycling are pretty dedicated to cycling and might even ride a fair amount ourselves (or at least wished too ride more) and you probably follow big cycling events like the Tour de France or maybe the Giro. I bet also some of your extended family even buys you TDF swag like hats, T-shirts etc for Christmas. But with this huge public stain on cycling these days what will this mean to you?. You've heard my view point many times on this and that is maybe it's time the cycling worlds takes a break from pro cycling and give more attention to grass roots racing! Let's take the upcoming Boulder Cup as an example, putting the weather report aside why can't this amazing race that provide great views to some of the nations and states best cyclists (but not exactly all pros) pack in 5% of the crowds that stage 6 in Boulder does? Or what about North Boulder Crit? Yes some non-pros do dope and that is sad and now since the Lance battle with USADA is almost over we might some action taken on Joe Papp's list and clean up our level. Like how I wish for 5% of the USPCC stage 6 crowds at Boulder Cup I believe 5% of the dollars Lance vs. USADA battle could go an LONG ways in cleaning up domestic doping.

Bottom line we should find a way to keep sponsors and fans in cycling but divert them away from the pro spotlight and down to the grass roots level. Cycling is too great of a sport to see it die and grass roots cycling should NOT feel the debacle of pro cycling at our level....we should be reaping from it!

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