Tuesday Coffee Talk - What does all this Pro Cyclng debacle mean to you?

I'm sure many wish this is the last article they read on the professional cycling debacle but somehow I doubt it will be true. Many of us reading 303cycling are pretty dedicated to cycling and might even ride a fair amount ourselves (or at least wished too ride more) and you probably follow big cycling events like the Tour de France or maybe the Giro. I bet also some of your extended family even buys you TDF swag like hats, T-shirts etc for Christmas. But with this huge public stain on cycling these days what will this mean to you?. You've heard my view point many times on this and that is maybe it's time the cycling worlds takes a break from pro cycling and give more attention to grass roots racing! Let's take the upcoming Boulder Cup as an example, putting the weather report aside why can't this amazing race that provide great views to some of the nations and states best cyclists (but not exactly all pros) pack in 5% of the crowds that stage 6 in Boulder does? Or what about North Boulder Crit? Yes some non-pros do dope and that is sad and now since the Lance battle with USADA is almost over we might some action taken on Joe Papp's list and clean up our level. Like how I wish for 5% of the USPCC stage 6 crowds at Boulder Cup I believe 5% of the dollars Lance vs. USADA battle could go an LONG ways in cleaning up domestic doping.

Bottom line we should find a way to keep sponsors and fans in cycling but divert them away from the pro spotlight and down to the grass roots level. Cycling is too great of a sport to see it die and grass roots cycling should NOT feel the debacle of pro cycling at our level....we should be reaping from it!

Read also what our women's/mountain bike writer thinks about this.

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personally, it has ruined my

personally, it has ruined my interest in professional cycling. i was dumb enough to believe they cleaned it up after festina. i'm not dumb enough to believe everyone quit in 2006/2007. festina and postal had institutionalized doping programs, i'm sure there are more. all of the revelations coming out are CYA.

my interest has mainly faded b/c of the riders now coming out and the BS story their pushing. "Lance made me do it", "I quit right after I made millions", blah, blah, blah. I think their stories are worse than what Lance did. I personally had a similar situation come up where I felt my work challenged my integrity. I quit, moved on and found something else. I decided I couldn't live with the choice I was having to make and did something about it. All of these cyclists are cowards.

it'll be interesting to see how many amateur cyclists from the area get busted as Papp's list is sorted through. we've already seen local racers busted. and all those "amazing" local races where guys have stayed off the front for the duration (ex. Phil Zajicek at N. Boulder Park - yes, I know he was a pro) or lapped the field are all suspect in my mind.

and yes, it has changed my interest in cycling. i still love to ride, but my interest in competitive cycling, even for myself has waned quite a bit. i never really raced b/c of how i compared to others, but rather b/c I enjoyed pushing myself. but this idea that i'm competing against people with inflated egos who are cheating and gain satisfaction by being "better" than me is somewhat disturbing.

i'll head out on my solo rides and hit the local ride with my friends. but at this point, you can keep it.

hey ---easy killer before you

hey ---easy killer before you start laying people out based on some hunch.. like a heroic ride... do you even know what your talking about? doping sucks that's my stance...but just saying crap, based on nothing but someone having a good day.... that's lame..

I have followed some of these threads for a few days with people like you saying that you now suspect anyone if they have a great day...

lemme guess your a cat 4, 20-30 lbs overweight, you have no idea how to train or maybe you just don't have the time.. have a coach? know your hr zones? power? watts/kg? you probably get on a group ride and get dropped and think they are all doping?? maybe you have been riding for a long time but you have not been racing for 10+ yrs..

come one man.. people have good days and bad days and occasionally a good day comes when you are at a race..
or how about this crazy scenario... a good day with some solid teamwork from your buddies?

this 303 cycling forum needs moderators like most other forums to stop the crappy speculation and slander, heck I don't even know phil but your logic sucks..

I think you need to take it

I think you need to take it easy.

Nope, not a cat 4 and not 20-30 overweight. watts/kg ~4.56. Not crazy, but enough to hang on and do well in the majority of my races. But I am married with kids, have a full time job and limit my training to about 10 hours/week. So I am fairly content with my fitness. Especially given my priorities.

But I have been on the local rides with guys like Chris Baldwin and Tyler Hamilton who have sat at the front and drug around some of the best racers in the area for 2+ hours.

Let's see, in the Boulder area, KNOWN dopers include (and not a complete list):

Chuck Coyle
Tyler Hamilton
Chris Baldwin
Phil Zajicek
Tom Danielson
Todd Roberston (cat 3)
Tom Zirbel

Now I know that some people will profess the innocence of certain individuals listed above, but it is a known and proven list. And there really isn't much testing in the amateur ranks. Do I think that the some of the guys I've raced against in the past were cheating? You bet.

There's a BIG difference between having a good day and having the peloton decide not to catch you vs. 10 guys strung out trying to chase you down while you continue to ride away. So what you are telling me is that I am to believe that one individual that previously did not show such talent, has enough power to have the strength of 10 guys? If so, I've got some coastal land in Nevada I'd like to sell you.

It only changes my opinion of

It only changes my opinion of Lance, but not by much. I love the spectacle and courage shown on bike racing and will continue to watch and follow the Pro peloton this spring. All this will do is run off the Lance fans that joined real cycling fans during his rise to false stardom. Good riddance to the Lance fans, lets get back to racing.

Bidding good riddance to the

Bidding good riddance to the "Lance fans" is short-sighted. The "Lance fans" and people brought into cycling because of Armstrong poured a lot of money into the sport, which attracted sponsors. This enabled races such as the Tour of Georgia, Tour of Missouri, Tour of California and the USAPCC. Think what you will of Armstrong, his influence on the popularity of cycling in this country is undeniable.

From the Colorado Daily

Locals Brandon Dwight and Len Pettyjohn chime in today on the Colorado Daily. Here is the link to the complete article: http://www.coloradodaily.com/news/ci_21829131#axzz2A5h0S1vf

Here is some of what Brandon had to say:

Dwight himself is in the bummed-out camp.

"People think that all cyclists are dopers, and that's really not the case," he said. "Or they think it's just cycling. It's hurting the sport of professional cycling."

Though the doping news is all coming out at once, Dwight said he feels the timing will allow for teams to rebuild and reassure sponsors that they are clean.

"A lot of this was coming for quite some time," he said. "Now, it's the off season. All the teams can regroup, they can solidify their sponsorships and negotiate with clean riders."

Read more: http://www.coloradodaily.com/news/ci_21829131#ixzz2AAJRigjo