Granby Ranch using Wood & Metal Ramps to help you get airborne

Bike Granby Ranch has so new additions to the mountain this summer. Our ballroom in the past has always featured some big jumps to end your run, but keeping up with the maintenance was hard since we would have to tear them down at the end of the summer to get ready for the winter season. This year we decided to have four metal wooden understructure jumps built. These jumps were designed and built out of Steamboat and we are thrilled for the addition.
The main pro to these new jumps is consistency. When you build a jump out of dirt you have elements changing them. Whether it rains or just gets ridden over and over, the jump starts to change and evolve with the elements. You might hit the jump one way and then days later it could feel totally different. With these metal wooden jumps, no matter how many people ride it or how much it rains you will always hit it the same way. This allows you to master the jump and then excel your jump with new tricks. We also can reuse the jumps from year to year, so if you cannot hit it this year, it’ll be ready for you next summer.

We have trails for all riders at Bike Granby Ranch. This summer we are calling out to the ladies for our SheMTB clinic. Learn the basics or advance your skills to be able to ride downhill and maybe even hit our new jumps. Check our website for more information on this summer’s SheMTB women’s clinic on July 19th

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