Got an Itch to Cook More? Why Not Skratch it?

Author, Cheri Felix rides Fruita

I’ve been slightly obsessed lately. Nothing new really. But my new obsession is The Feed Zone Cookbook by locals Biju Thomas and Allen Lim. I’m notorious for buying cookbooks and then using them as paperweights. But this time things are going to be different. I’m going to be a better person. I’m going to actually try out the recipes. And you’re going to help.

Remember that movie about the girl who couldn’t find a job and so she thought she would make a different recipe every day from the Julia Child cookbook? And then she thought she would be very clever and write about it? Well, I guess I’m using that idea. Except this time, it’s me and not her and it’s The Feed Zone and it’s for my family (my mini-cycling team). And oh yeah, it won’t be a recipe a day because seriously I do have a life and laundry to do and a bike to ride. I figure I’m not in the minority. In fact I’d say the majority of people I know are NOT professional cyclists but the majority of us are looking for better ways to fuel ourselves and our families.

As we all get more and more busy, we need more efficient foods. Foods with more fuel and with better ingredients. Yes, the energy bar we often throw in the lunch or the soccer bag isn’t going to kill anyone but what if we could make our own energy bars? Our own portable snacks? Better meals for our families and for us? The Feed Zone says right off the bat that the recipes are not meat free, they are not fat free and the cookbook contains recipes that may have nuts, flour, sugar and even bacon.

The Feedzone Cookbook

Now, you should know I’ve never met the authors of The Feed Zone. I purchased my book. No one asked me to do this. This was my own fabulous idea. Wink wink. That’s not to say I won’t accept Skratch treats or electrolyte potions. Again, wink wink.
I am super excited to do this with you. I hope you are too. Important things to know:

No one in my family has any dietary restrictions.

On a picky-ness scale of 1-6 with 6 being the pickiest, I’d say my kids are at a 3.

I like to cook but again, I’m a busy mom of three and I don’t have all day to cook

I don’t have a money tree so I’ll tell you up front what’s spendy and what’s not.

I am not a chef or a nutritionist or a doctor or a ___________ fill in the blank.

First thing on the menu: Rice and Banana Muffins. Stay tuned for my full report. I’ll share the ease, the cost, the time it takes and what my family thought about the food. Whether you are a professional cyclist or you just like riding your bike, I hope there is something for everyone. And for all the rest of us, the ones that are constantly faced with “What’s for dinner?” and “I’m hungry!” well I hope there’s something in here for you too. Off to make some muffins!

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