Could you win the commuter of the year award?

Photo credit Lisa Fisher-Wade

GoBoulder is looking for you... or a friend you may know, that person who rides their bike not just for fitness but everywhere, to get groceries, ride to the dentist, ride to the movies even if that might be a date. If you are that person or you know this person then be sure to go to GOBoulder and nominate this person by March 12th with the winner announced March 19th. As a winner you will be featured on GO Boulder’s official Walk & Bike Month Web page and in GO Boulder’s "On the GO" newsletter. They also will serve as "Commuter of the Year" ambassadors who will make a few appearances encouraging others to consider walking, biking and transit instead of driving for getting to work, errands, school, shopping, entertainment, etc.

Learn more about GoBoulder's Bike Commuter Award

Separate but related to this, 303cycling is looking for bike commuters and hear their stories on how they make it work. So far we have received a lot of commuting stories and very soon we will get this story out.

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