Whiskey, Bikes & Free Buses

I took a trip to Park City. I went there with a few ideas in mind; ride bikes, have a girl’s weekend and drink some whiskey. What I found when I got there was so much more.

IMBA designated Park City as the first EVER Gold Level Ride Center Destination. Park City has over 400 miles of mountain bike trails. We stayed at the Yarrow which put us front and center for bike shops, restaurants and a free bus system. We saddled up to the No Name Saloon and found good beer and honest food. After that we found the High West Distillery where I had some of the smoothest tasting whiskey I’ve ever had. Ever. And as if the whiskey wasn’t enough we ended the night at Zoom which is one of the most fantastic restaurants I’ve ever experienced. We took our pre-riding ahi taco loading very seriously. I mean carbo loading.

Deer Valley Resort has almost 70 miles of trails to ride and three chair lifts to get you there. You can buy a lift pass, rent a bike and hire a guide. Or if you want to brush up on your skills, consider doing the mountain bike school. Deer Valley is CLASSY. Tissues at the top of the lift and sunscreen lying around in baskets. And the piece de resistance was the bike tool station. Not at the top of the lift but down the trail. Need a pump or multi-purpose tool and don’t have one? No problem, Deer Valley has you covered. The guide was great, taking us where we wanted to go. There was just enough cross country to make us earn our next meal and just enough sick tight and twisty downhill to give us goofy smiles. We only paused to eat at The Royal Street Café. A great place to rest before you go back for more.

Sunday we rode The Canyons Resort which had more freeride trails than we knew what to do with. We were paired up with Sam who was half our age and fifty times more rad than we are on bikes. He was the perfect guy to lead us down some pretty challenging terrain. And all the while making us feel like we were the best riders he’s ever seen. The Canyons has a mid mountain bike park and skills area providing something for everyone. The downhill was fun without being too punishing but I definitely had to pull back in a few spots. And last but not least, The Canyons had some crazy amazing signage. You always knew where you were.

And just when you think Park City can’t get any better you find the town access lift for Park City Mountain Resort. One minute you are in town at the Silly Sunday Market and BAM! There’s a chair lift right there. Rent a bike in town and jump on. With three lifts you’d be hard pressed to get bored there. You will find connectors to trails in Deer Valley and The Canyons as well as others. The trails will satisfy the beginner and delight the more experienced riders.

Park City is epic but getting there is not. Salt Lake is a bit over an hour flight and then you have a 30ish minute drive to Park City. Park City has more riding than you could ever ride. They have great restaurants, solid beer and smooth whisky. They have everything us mountain bikers need. But more than all that I got the feeling that they really like us mountain biking folk. I met some of the best people I’ll ever meet.

Author: Cheri Felix

So, put Park City on your bucket list. Plan a trip with your friends. It’s so easy! Writing this article made me want to book my ticket for next summer. It’s that good.


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