Fruita Guided Trips and alternatives

Maybe a foot of snow is coming to the Front Range over the next few days and you are sick of it! Want to day dream or plan that spring trip to some place dry with cool trails? Consider this, guided trip from Moab to Fruita on mountain bikes! Or a self guided trip (with the help of some pretty good guide books. And for something a little closer you should consider going to pueblo. Before you knock Pueblo do some google search on their trails and you will find many have switching to Pueblo for their close by winter get-away.

Thanks to Alex Hearn from Bikerpelli Sports for filling us in on their trips and guide books, check them out!

We do two tours annually, always the first two weekends in May. Each trip is 90 riders and is one of the most unique events around, kind of a cross between a small group tour & a large annual event. See here for more info about how our trips work.

This will be the 8th year we’ve run the trips, they sell out every year. The slideshow’s pretty telling since a picture’s worth 1000 words sometimes.

The guidebook came as a result of the wisdom gained from doing the events & riding the trail every which way imaginable. Half is all about how to plan different itineraries & logistics because that’s easily as important as the pedaling. The other half is a mile-by-mile breakdown. It is by far the most current, accurate & thorough guide on the Kokopelli Trail in existence.

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