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Bicycles for Humanity Colorado

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Today's Friday fun is a feel good story about a local cycling organization Bicycles for Humanity Colorado. This group collects old bikes that are donated to them, fixes them up to be ridable, packs them into a shipping container with bike stands and tools and ships them off to Africa where the bikes are unloaded and given out and the container itself acts as a make shift bike shop. They are a 501(c)(3) with 100% of their donations going to their goal which is to address a fundamental barrier to African development– mobility. Poor transport systems mean poor access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities. To learn more watch the video below, check out or check out their very informative brochure on Bicycles for Humanity Colorado. Their next shipment of bikes to Africa leaves at the end of January

Together We Can Make It from mark piquette on Vimeo.

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Friday Fun - Bcycle, Chris Horner cx training and more

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For those who missed yesterday's Fearless QA show on bycle and how they will change the cycling culture in Denver and across the country then watch it below. I think it is an 1hr long show but worth the watch

Watch live video from FearLess Q+A on

Now on to the less serious Friday videos. Did your cyclocross season suck? Did you attend some of the many cyclocross camps and #wednesdayworlds session and yet you still suck and lack skills needed to be a cyclocross super star? Well Chris Horner has your solution, watch his video and gain his sick cross skills he has while smiling the entire time.

Friday Fun - Bad Race Kits

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It was hard to wait until Friday but the recent release of Team Radio Shack's race kits are getting a lot of bad press. Joe Lindsey recently ran a humorous story listing Team Radio Shack's jersey up with other great bad team kits... now Lance needs to get a Mullet like Brochard did. Local teams have had some pretty bad kits, my favorite is a local team that has a white and grey kit that under some circumstances is very sheer in the bib... not hot. Also the seasame street jersey... really, who buys those? And my favorite was my 1995 University of Missouri jersey we wore at MTB Nats, a sister of the team made them by hand in the car on the way to Colorado, but we weren't the worst, some school in NM had T-shirts that were hand painted, probably intoxicated too. What past team jerseys have you seen are just plain bad?

More Natz chatter. We posted this awhile back but it will be the last hurrah as the season slips (slides) away.

Friday Fun - Lance on the Daily Show, StillerStrong, Jingle Cross and more

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Before we enter into today's Friday Fun let's get down to business and it is important to announce that all racers be aware of the different start times for Saturday's Colorado State CX Championships race.
Also don't forget that tonight there will be a Happy Hour with Katie Compton and her husband from 5-7pm at Boulder Cycle Sport in Boulder.

On with the fun...

Funny interview of Lance Armstrong on the Daily show that took place December 2. The interview was to cover Lances new book, Comeback 2.0, skip to about minute 14 to see the interview



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