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Boulder City Council Changes Mind on Mountain Bikes

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Yep.... April Fools
On Wednesday, March 30th, Boulder Council Members voted to continue the ban on mountain bikes in the West TSA. In the most shocking news since this whole process started, the Boulder City Council decided, under pressure, to reverse their stance and open the illegal trail that Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) rangers discovered on March 19. The trail had been immediately closed upon discovery but starting next week OSMP rangers will open the trail backup for mountain bikes only.

A Boulder City Council member who wanted to remain nameless said "We were getting a lot of pressure from mountain bikers so we decided to keep the illegal trail open. The trail is already in place so it seemed like the right thing to do."

A BMA member was quoted as saying "Not exactly the out come we wanted but its a new trail for mountain biking so we will take it. I am really glad that the City Council eased their decision."

The BMA will be hosting a trail work day for the new trail in the next couple of weeks. 303Cycling will be updating their calendar with the date of the work day.

OSMP decided to keep the name of the trail as The Angry Ranger Trail.

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Friday Fun - The Calm Start

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Commplements of the Yehuda Moon Comic Strip. This is so true, whether you realize it but riding to work is very meditative and can put the rider in such a calm awakening by the time they arrive.

Want to find your morning calm, join our Boulder/Denver Commuter Team and increase you # days you commute by bike, win some cool swag and have fun and green along the way.

Friday Fun -- Bike Parking, Alexi G and more

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It's been awhile since we did our Friday Fun... enjoy and as always, if you find something funny and bike related let us know

Before the next set of videos... Have you been following Alexi Grewal's Blog? After 2 more months you can print off all of the pages, bind it up and you'll have a great cycling book. Crazy stuff in his head but interesting to read.


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