Friday Fun - To shave or not?

It's that time of year when men and some women let their legs come out of hidden hibernation and show/expose themselves to the world. Not everyone shaves and honestly unless you tend to crash a lot, can afford weekly massages or are cat 1/Pro or above, there is little reason to shave. But even given all that I find it difficult to come out every year around this time with hairy legs. Why do we do it? Well someone just gave a great quote on our Facebook Page that really sticks. "I never understood racers shaving...until this very moment." (after seeing the photo below). Why do you shave or not shave? Reason or not, get out and ride today, the weather will be amazing!!

Thanks to the Pros Closet for the photo

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Dually noted for CX and

Dually noted for CX and application of lotion due to dry legs.

When you spend this much time in spandex, you just look silly with hairy legs. The two mix like oil and water.

While it doesn't improve speed, it sure feels faster when you're cleanly shaven. I remember hearing a quote from Tim Dwight (former NFL player kickoff and punt return specialist). He shaved everything. Head to toe. He did it because he felt faster.

I can't afford frequent

I can't afford frequent massages, but I do crash plenty (both on the bike and running), and it's certainly nice for that reason. Sunscreen is easier to put on, it feels better, it feels cooler, and it looks better. I don't much care what anyone thinks about it, I'm in spandex more days than I'm not and it works for me. All year every year.