Friday Fun - BingoStrong and Betsy Andreau Interview by Over The Top Radio

Did you hear Lance is going to be on the Oprah Show? Confession, next chapter, bragging? Learn More

Yesterday George Thomas got the opportunity to interview Betsy Andreau in the shadow of Oprah's interview

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Stanford article

Did you even read the articles you posted?
"The cyclists' defective blood boosting project at the '84 Olympics ". The article even admits there was no performance enhancement.
Read about how blood doping is done today, it is not just pull a bag of blood out and then put it back in a month later, there is a lot of work to keep the red blood cells alive that was not known back then.

If you were wondering, Lemond was profesional by the 84 Olympics. Your article also claims Eddie B brought blood doping from Eastern europe.

Do you want to know what was really going on with doping in the 80s? Read the original whistle blower's book, 'A Rough Ride' by Paul Kimmage. He raced in the 80s and was the first to talk about doping. When you read it, you will see he talks all about amphetimines and NOT blood bags.