Bike Path vs. Bike Lane

Working on getting some opinions for an upcoming story on "Bike Paths vs. Bike Lanes"

Many experienced cyclist complain that the Bike Paths are way to dangerous to ride on and all of us have seen the cyclist who choose to ride on the sidewalk that runs right next to a street that has a Bike Lane... they feel the Bike Lane is too dangerous. And the worst which is not in this debate is the cyclist who rides on the street that has no lane and that street runs parallel to street which does (think Pearl Street in Boulder, Walnut on one site and Pine on the other).

What is your rant on this?

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Education and transformation

Ya, the classic cyclist on the sidewalk because the lane is too dangerous.... if they only knew that the sidewalk is way more dangerous. Somehow these cyclist need to be educated or maybe it just takes time for them to transform and adapt to riding on the lane

I'm much more of an

I'm much more of an experienced cyclist - my fiance is a novice. I prefer to ride in the Lanes because I feel that I am going with the flow of traffic ie. I stop at the lights that they do, etc.

My fiance, on the other hand does not like to be anywhere near the cars. It makes her nervous to have cars whizzing by at twice the speed and only 2 feet away.

Riding on the sidewalks is

Riding on the sidewalks is obviously the worse option.

Bike lanes are good for beginner riders who lack the experience or confidence to ride in traffic.

It would be best -- and safest -- if there was consistency about all cyclists riding in the road and with traffic. That way motorists would be more likely to view all cyclists as what they are: legitimate traffic elements with equal right to the road. Not just an obstacle to blow past and swerve ahead of as soon as possible.

As far what you said about people riding inappropriately one block removed from adequate infrastructure, that's definitely a problem. It seems like that's just a matter of getting the word out, and that's something that can definitely be done with a small grassroots education campaign. Keep some chalk in your pocket! Write some helpful trail guides. "E/W bike lane: one block south." "Designated N/S bike path: one block east."

Paint and stencils could be used to install permanent (and important) markers.

We need both !

Bike paths are great for casual cyclists, and bike lanes are great for commuters. I think that both are necessary. Its great to live in a town like boulder where we have an extensive network of bike paths which are fun for casual riding. I think most people that complain about bike paths should really just be riding on the street.

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