Cyclist seriously injured in Fort Collins

This one is painful, partly because the cyclist received a compound fracture the the leg and also because of how it happened

From the Coloradoan

A Fort Collins cyclist crossing an intersection in Old Town suffered a compound fracture of his leg after he ran a red light and was hit by an oncoming car, police and witnesses said.

How can this be avoided and maybe more importantly what is the cause? Is more enforcement needed to protect ourselves from ourselves?

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No amount of enforcement will offset lack of common sense. If you don't realize you might get hit by a car when running a red light, your end of the gene pool might be a little shallow.

Betcha' this dude stops at red lights from now on.

It's so easy to make fun of him but...

It is so easy to make fun of this rider but this type of behavior is so common. I bet everyone knows someone who;
- blows stop signs
- rides with their child to school with no helmet
- ride the wrong way on a one-way street
- ride no handed while talking on the cell phone
- use an ipod while on a group ride

Why are there so many retards out there, this person just happen to be one of the unlucky ones.