Cyclist attacked with bat near Berthod

Insanity reported from up north, Cyclist attacked with bat

A Berthoud man is facing charges that he attacked a group of cyclists with an aluminum baseball bat, destroying a $4,800 bicycle.

Bryce Barker, 24, is accused of cutting off the cyclists on a county road near Berthoud, in rural Larimer County on July 18 about 1:30 p.m. According to witnesses, Barker pulled across the road in front of the three riders in his silver Pontiac GT and yelled at them.

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It Allegedly Did Happen

It allegedly did happen, it was just awhile ago. If you search for Bryce Barker, you see a couple articles, but they link to nothing:

Huffington Post's article is the only other thing I found on Google and it links to Coloradoan after a short blurb.

Strange that this article has been taken down.