Wednesday Coffee Talk - Flagstaff Still Stands!

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I was relieved to see on this past Sunday morning that Flagstaff was still standing! It didn't burn down, get cut down, or destroyed. Just to make sure I rode up Flagstaff to witness assumed destruction myself that must have occurred given all the fear PLAN-Boulder supporters had with the race going through open space. Here is what I saw...

  • Some grass was stepped on and bent and broken
  • Some logs had been place to prevent people from walking in nature
  • I saw foot prints in the dirt next to the road
  • paint and chalk on the roadway.

And now apparently open space is taking pictures to review before and after shots of the open space. PICTURES, REALLY!

From the Daily Camera

Patton said any damage to Flagstaff appears minimal, though open space workers took pictures before the race and are taking more now to check for any disturbances.

"We're pretty optimistic," he said.

Volunteers helped clear trash left behind, though one vendor did leave trash bags in the parking lot at the top of Flagstaff. The trash bags were removed Monday morning, Patton said.


Gwen Dooley, a former Boulder City Council member and longtime Boulder environmental activist who opposed the Flagstaff finish, volunteered on race day. She said it took a "tremendous" amount of time for open space staff members to prepare for the event and assist on race day, and she's curious if sales tax revenue will outweigh the costs.

Fans generally were gracious and followed rules, she said. But she would prefer to see the race finish in a different location in future years, if it returns to Boulder. Her suggestion is Folsom Field at the University of Colorado campus.

From accounts of others, videos and photos, the worst thing that happened on flagstaff was the fans extreme enthusiasm and some believe, even the stage winner, that more fencing should be applied to keep back the fans.

IMO this race/stage is a perfect example of how open space, Flagstaff and competitive events CAN live together. This should open the doors to

  • Flagstaff Hill Climb, both bike and running
  • use it as a finish to a smaller but still pro cycling event (Remember the Red Zinger Classic about 12 years ago?)
  • Start of a road race or endurance MTB that finishes in Ned

Please let elected officials know that this IS apporpriate use of our Open Space.

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OSMP was there to have a goddamn good time, so long as we all stay on the path. Anyone who says OSMP isn't courteous is spewing BULLSHIT and should expect a beatdown, PLAN Boulder style.