30,000 spectator cap proposed for Flagstaff's Stage 6 finish

How will cycling crazed fans of Boulder and Colorado be tamed on Stage 6 in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge? One of the methods proposed will be to limit the number of spectators on Flagstaff mountain. Officials are probably looking to prevent the chaos that apparently happened on Lookout Mountain's segment of last year's USA Pro Challenge. Wonder how much these free wristbands will sell for on the internet once someone gets their hands on them?

From the Daily Camera

The Boulder City Council on Tuesday will consider a recommendation by the city's Open Space Board of Trustees to limit the number of spectators on Flagstaff Mountain to 30,000. Under the plan, free wristbands would be distributed in advance of the Aug. 25 stage, with a maximum of five given out to any one person.


Former City Councilman Steve Pomerance, who previously challenged Boulder on the legality of running the race up Flagstaff, questioned whether 30,000 still is too many people: "That's one person every 16 inches of that road. ... You're gonna have people shoulder-to-shoulder on either side; it will be two people every 3 feet."


"One lightning strike and people will be running. But where will they run?" Pomerance said. "If City Council doesn't have a proper emergency evacuation plan in place, would this be considered willful and wanton conduct? How are they allowing 30,000 people up there with no emergency evacuation plan in place?"

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