Boulder Fixed Gear Riding Part II

Last week we ran a story about why fixed gear riding is good, and now today lets finish on tips on how to keep fixed gear riding fun.

Tip 1. Never go on a group ride with geared bikes and that say that today’s ride they will be riding to painsville and back. Unless you like working your legs like a sewing machine than I’d say stay away from them or group rides (with geared bikes) in general.

Tip 2. Don’t forget that this thing ain’t got a freewheel! The first ride of the year on the fixed for me is always a “get re-familiar” with my fixed gear bike.

Tip 3. Careful on city riding. Riding corners are your biggest concern, again, you ain’t got no freewheel.

Tip 4. For your first few weeks out try to keep to flat-ish roads. I will never forget the first day on a fixed gear. I road with a group (tip 1) and on a very hilly course… that first descent will never leave my mind as I think my legs went beyond 200rpm. There’s nothing wrong with riding hills, just ease into them.

Tip 5. 42×16

Tip 6. You need brakes! You can use your legs to do a lot of braking but at 120+rpm its not that easy. Buy some breaks.

Tip 7. Enjoy this bike the most when the weather is the worst! As long as there isn’t any ice the fixe is great. No matter how bad the roads are and how dirty it gets your bike, since you don’t have any gears than there isn’t much to wear out except for that $8 chain.

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