Random drug testing for ALL participates at Firecracker 50, does this bother you?

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Amature Testing

I don't know that much about cost, etc.. for drug testing but I think it runs in the $200-$300 range per. I used to race with a pro licesnce but now am a regular, local, Cat 1 racer, technically an amature.
I have been tested twice over the last 6-months out of competition (at my house). I don't know of any other amature in the area who has been tested, so I find it interesting....
I was tested for both blood and urine and got my 'congrats you are clean' letter back.

It is good to see they are testing non-pros and I did feel like a cool pro again becuse I was randomly selected (but I don't think there is anything random about it). Their visit did eat up 3-hours of my morning but they also did have to deal with my 2-kids running all over the place.

I am guessing that it must have been a $500 trip to my house. There were 2-guys here for 3-hours and then the cost of actually testing the blood and urine.

I came away with a few thoughts:

1. I really wish they would make the experience more benefical to the athlete. It would have been great to get a complete blood work up back from them just for my health benefit.

2. I really don't think there is anything random about it. Somone 'called in' on me or I was suspicious by association.

3. They shouldn't be as interested in a late 30's ex-pro, they should focus on the young up and coming guys who are trying to make it as a pro. It is a good lesson on what it is like to be a pro cyclist.

masters racers dope too

Chuck, I think your thought #3 regarding testing masters racers is off target:

Some people will do anything to win. I'm all for amateur testing. I want to believe the guys who win got there fairly, because in this sport, drugs make a HUGE difference.

Maybe it's not written exactly correct, but your thought #2 "I was suspicious by association" infers that you hang out with dopers.


I am sure that masters do dope too. I guess I am more concerend with the guys who are the future of the sport. There are a lot of 20-something guys who are doing all the races and trips they can in the hopes of getting a pro contract. I think that it is a good experience for them to see the procedures and what it is like to get tested...and to think about what they may be putting into their system (there are a lot of tained suplements, etc. out there).
I am sure that there are masters who have the money, time and are serious enough about racing age group to dope.....that is wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to start!

I think you may have read too much into my 2nd point. It is not like I hang out with guys who are doping. I have ridden and trained with guys who have had some problems in the past..... I just didn't know of many more amatures in the area who have been trested out of competition. I am not sure why else USADA showed up at my door.

Anyway, it is good to see testing and It would be good to see more. It feels like we are at the end of an era. The peolton is cleaning up, you can race at the higest level of the sport clean (just look at Marco Pinotti and Greg Henderson).



After reading this article do you think 'random' applies to us in the ACA? Sounds like Chuck was singled out by jealous co-competitors.......hats off to him for making the choice to ride cleanly.
I do not blame doping for not finishing first in local races but do wonder who, after acquiring the pro's bikes/wheels/training/wind tunnel tests/VO2 and lactate coaching have decided to add on the injections.


Here is the email that was sent out.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: SportsBaseOnline
Date: Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 10:18 PM
Subject: USADA Drug Testing
To: SBO Event Participants

The United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) will be conducting random drug tests on Sunday. Racers to be tested will be identified immediately after crossing the finish line and will be assigned a chaperone. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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