Looking for Love & Friends in All the Right Places

I was at a coach’s conference a few weekends ago. It was fun and I met very nice people. Those people are dedicated to coaching young people on bikes and creating life-long cyclists. But enough about that. This isn’t that article.

I’m curious (nosey) so I asked my conference mates if they were married and one person said, “I have a boyfriend.” I replied with, “I sometimes think about getting one of those too.” Of course I’m joking. I’m happily married. But I do remember the old days when I wasn’t married and the next greatest guy was always a barstool away. Did I just say that? Yes I did.

This was of course before the world wide web really got started and so naturally there was no match as far as we know dot com or e harmony at least for awhile dot com. We had to go out and gulp, hope it all worked out. But the kids these days have it nice. They can find someone on a bike ride.

Now, before I go any further let me disclose something; I’m sort of joking. What I am about to tell you isn’t exactly matchmyridingstyle dot com but it is a nice way to meet people with whom you have at least one thing in common. And isn’t that better than looking for someone to share your love of chili fries and old movies with? Or how about other cool women to ride with? Or people with whom you can shred after a hard day at work or with the kids or all of the above?

So the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance (BMA) has a Mix and Mingle the first Tuesday of every month. After the ride the group goes out for dinner and drinks so you can get to know people better. You don’t have to be looking for love but you never know. Check it out! http://bouldermountainbike.org/og/mix-and-mingle
In case you are a girl and you would like to ride with other girls, BMA has you covered too. They have a GURLZ ride weekly. However they do alternate Wednesdays and Thursdays so be sure to check out their calendar. The Thursday rides are generally better for women who know the trails and who aren’t afraid of getting the lead out. Generally all of the rides are topped off with meeting at a restaurant for dinner and drinks. A very cool way to spend a summer evening for sure. http://bouldermountainbike.org/og/gurlz-ride

And be still my beating heart but BMA also has BOSS rides which stands for Blow Off Some Steam! LOVE it! These rides are intermediate to advanced coed rides. Check the calendar for more info about these rides.


Whether you are going out to ride with the girls or out with the boys or both here are a few tips to remember when heading out:

  • Arrive early. If the ride begins at 6:00 that means tires roll at 6:00. Don’t drive up at 6:00 and expect others to wait. Get there early enough to put your bike together, go pee and say hi to your new besties.
  • Bring a tube, pump, nutrition and water. And hey maybe carry an extra GU. Sharing is Caring.

BMA has other rides too. And so do other groups. If you are looking for more, ask your fav bike shop. They are sure to have some great ideas for you. In the meantime, get out and ride. And if you do meet the love of your life on the bike, be sure to invite me to the wedding.

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