Make riding inside more fun

Temperature is 16F and 4 inches of snow is on the ground... "cool" you say because today is Wednesday Worlds but if you cut off outside cycling once the temperature drops below your age then the next few months could be a bore but a big requirement if you have any desire for the races that happen before June. Check out some of the boredom fighting videos at I like these videos because they have the perspective of the bike, its like I'm riding in a exciting warmer place! I did contact epicplanet and they have plans in 2010 to create a Colorado DVD.

I've tried all the gear of Cyclops fluid trainer, Kreitler Rollers and even a Spin bike but the only thing that keeps me on the bike inside are good movies to watch like the ones epicPlanet has. I've also used the training videos like Chris Carmicheal's however for those who live in the Boulder area I strongly suggest getting the Red Zinger DVD pack

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