Daylight Savings: Time to Fall Back into Love with Yoga & Laundry.

Author, Cheri Felix

It’s that time of the season again. The time when that little and I do mean little muscle just behind my knee is finally starting to show up. And soon it will be time to transition a bit into the gym with spin classes. Some people are already belly achin’ about the upcoming time change. I get it but I actually embrace it. It helps me to rest and to be lazy and to get more laundry done and to yes, watch more TV. I know some of what I just wrote is blasphemous but it’s true for me. When the weather is like it is now I’m always thinking that I need to be “doing something.” And what’s wrong with doing nothing once in awhile.

Some of you already left the page I know. As a Boulderite I’m supposed to always want to be doing something. Always getting my heart rate up. Always, always, always whatever. But I do sense things are changing. Soon the leaves will all be gone from the trees. Soon kids will be ringing my doorbell for candy and after that comes the turkey and in my house the Christmas tree. You see, time is going to pass and seasons are going to change whether you like it or not. So why not get ready for it?
On my check list of things to do are:

  • Put some of my bike clothes away. I can’t possibly wear it all this winter.
  • Clean my bike. Yep Cheri said that. Clean my bike. Really well.
  • Lube my bike.
  • Take my bike in for adjustments. Yes I said take it in. I like my bike shop and I think they like me.
  • Clean out my camelbak. Get rid of old food and those packs with nasty tidbits of dried mocha Gu. You know the ones that you say to yourself, “I’ll throw that away later.”
  • Clean out the bladder. I know some of you do that regularly. Kudos to you. I aspire to that level of greatness.
  • Clean out my bike bag. OMG. The amount of crap in my bag is unbelievable.

Marti gras beads (because don’t all girls have those in her bike bag?), colored hair pieces and tattoos not used in Fruita. Feminine hygiene. Does that stuff expire? Old maps and used tubes. It’s all there just waiting for my attention.

After I get all that done and believe me these are super lofty goals for me, it’s time to check out the spin class schedule and get back to my other love called yoga. It’s not that mountain bike season is over but with three kids and a whole lot less light and much lower temps, that means fewer hours out on the trails. It’s not a sad time it’s just time to get other parts of my body stronger through yoga and to give my family a break from what we affectionately call “The Cheri Show.”
Over and out.

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oh yea

I was just thinking the same thing, about winter, but mostly I was thinking how I would not ache so much! I am pretty old to be riding so hard and afterwards my butt hurts and my back...anyhoo, winter gives us time to dream too about next years adventures! 24 hrs of Moab anyone?!?!